Sunday, 25 June 2017

My, Oh MY! . .

16 June 2017 Mark Lewandowski Trio Waller 

Another belting evening of jazz at Glyde House. Mark Lewandowski's Trio Waller were, possibly to be expected given the provenance of these three TOP Jazzers, absolutely TOP CLASS! This was not 'typical jazz fayre' for sure covering uncommon 'jazz ground' and yet the music was delivered to astoundingly stunning effect to an appreciative and enthusiastic audience and record CD Sales followed, which pretty much says it all ultimately in the cold light of day?? Thankfully this was a warm evening where jazz of the highest calibre flowed freely

A terrific night from a most highly recommended band

Mark Lewandowski - b, Liam Noble - p, and Paul Clarvis - d

If you missed the CD's or the gig, I entreat you to such delightful jazz treats at

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07 July 2017 Firebird Quartet

Firebird Quartet is a contemporary jazz quartet performing original compositions with energy and driving grooves as well as standards with much originality. Jazz aficionado high sophistication imbued with a deep sense of groove ensuring wide accessibility. As Lance Liddle (Splinter Jazz, Newcastle etc) put it, “This was a stormer!” 

Ian Chalk - tr, Martin Longhawn - p, Tim Carter - d, John Marley - b