Saturday, 8 October 2016

You missed ANOTHER BELTER !! At this rate I'll have burst by Christmas

07 October 2016 Manchester Jazz Collective 

"The Manchester Jazz Collective dectet comprises some of the region's most creative and fiery young jazz musicians, an eclectic spread of influences ranging from reggae to minimalism, metal, township, and folk music to inform their extensive catalogue of original compositions." is what I wrote but I confess to total under-pitching. In a City boasting the likes of Beats & Pieces Big Band, perhaps it's no surprise to discover what a Grade-A, kick-ar$e, BEAUTIFUL troupe the Manchester Jazz Collective truly are. An utterly astounding evening of highest quality composition (this really is a 'collective' in all respects), playing and totally face-melting JAZZ. Other than for the obvious 'logistical' torments of aligning 10 top musicians, quite how this band struggle to get gigs is both unbelievable and outrageous. Folks!! You know not what you are missing! They are so, so , so well worth the experience
Kyran MatthewsJeff Guntren, Stuart MacDonald :s, Graham SouthNick Walters : tr, Ellie SmithDaniel Mitchell : trom, Andy Stamatakis-Brown : p, Paul Baxter : b, Johnny Hunter : d

Friday, 19 August 2016

Up Next . .

04 November 2016 eyeshutight 

THE Musical steal of the century @ exemplifies the jazz class which is eyeshutight - a real beacon of originality. Compared with Esbjorn Svensson TrioAvishai Cohen and Jarrett/Haden/Motian, their unique blend of accessible, melodic compositions, fiery, expansive improvisation and engaging stage presence make them an unmissable band. Johnny Tomlinson : p, Kristoffer Wright : d, Paul Baxter : b.  


11 November 2016 - John Etheridge's Trio North 

John Etheridge is one of the UK's World Class GREAT GUITARISTS (which I reckon to be one of maybe 4) and returns to Glyde House Bradford to continue the missionary work of last year when he razed Glyde House to the ground (musically!! it is a listed building after all??) with a stunning display of just why he is one of maybe 4 or 5 UK Worldbeaters. Come see what all the fuss is about. If you're a guitar geek, you can't go wrong for £7 - it's a steal.

Saturday, 2 July 2016

An interesting view of a long-time JATPjazzer . .

Referendum too close to call

Before making a bonfire of our EU membership, please ponder that if the fire brigade wanted a mandate for a strike, they would need to have 40% of their members voting in favour of strike action.

Just let's look at the numbers:

  • In favour of Brexit: 37.5%
  • In favour of Remain: 34.7%
  • Not voting: 27.8%
Statistically the result was a tie.

Not only does a public sector strike vote need 40% in favour, so did the 1979 referendum. It was very foolish to conduct a referendum on such a weighty matter without a threshold requirement. The only sensible policy is to stick with the status quo for a year or so, develop some proper policies to use outside the EU, and then run another referendum. The current leap in the dark with a government in disarray is folly.

B otched
R eferendum
E nables
X enophobic
I solationists’
T riumph
Matters are made worse by the sudden disappearance of Leave Campaign promises after the referendum, and Farage is on record as saying that a 52-48 vote would not be the end of the matter.
( Click here and here) For once it is possible to agree with Farage