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01 June 2018 - BRIAN BICAT Memorial

we welcome an all-star line-up in memory of JATP's sadly departed Founder, Brian Bicat, who tragically left us on 22 September 2017 remaining sorely missed. Brian inaugurated Jazz at The Priestley way back in 2001, he then very involved with the loyal supporters of the Priestley Theatre in general, moving heaven and earth to keep the place open, including financial commitment. In the beginning, gigs were held on Saturday evenings and they got off to a cracking start, reputation of the Venue's natural vibe spreading like wildfire through the jazz musician community to the point where Band Leaders would call up and say they had heard great things about the vibe at JATP and when could they come and play. Typical Brian, he would not have anyone whom he had not personally witnessed playing live which required not inconsiderable effort on his part touring the North during the week to take prospective bands in. The upshot of all this hard work was the growing reputation of Jazz at The Priestley - one chap from the south of Bradford used to regularly come to gigs, despite the fact that he hated "jazz" - "I just can't get enough of the atmosphere? It's electric" - and it was. So many musicians have played for JATP at Brian's test and behest, the JATP Committee pondered long and hard wondering who might fill Bicat's great big jazz boots in a manner befitting the great Man's Memorial. It was strongly felt that a Vibes player should be included - one of Brian's favourite instruments. One of Brian's favourite bands was
The Heavy Horns, alas a combo rarely seen these days so we thought we would speak to one of the heaviest thereof, the Great Rod Mason no less. A long story short, Rod and Jim Corry (a lesser-mass yet nonetheless Heavy Horn) collaborated to propose a band(s) comprising many of Brian's top jazzers. We are therefore quite sure that Brian will join us in spirit with his typical broad grin of pleasure for the following :-

1st set

A Short set by

Rod Mason - saxes
John Settle - Vibes
Dave Walsh - drums
Jamil Sheriff - piano
Rich Hammond - bass

Quick change and Atlantic Crossover : 
Mark Chandler - trumpet 
Jim Corry - alto sax
James Russell - tenor sax
Rod Mason - Baritone sax
Dave Walsh - drums
Jamil Sheriff - piano
Rich Hammond - bass

. . will finish 1st set -

2nd set 

Atlantic Crossover with John Settle - Vibes rejoining for a big finale!

Ticket Prices as normal plus there will be a bucket for any donations people may wish to make in Brian's memory. All monies received on the evening - gate receipts, donations and proceeds of the raffle, will be donated to the Yorkshire Air Ambulance as requested by Kathleen and Brian's Family. 

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