Gigs to come ..

03 November 2017 Stuart MacDonald's Bronchial Brotherhood inc. New York Brass Band Balsam

So, the mists have cleared - Bradford’s King of the Reed who NEVER disappoints in any setting plus the New York Brass Band all the way from the other side of "the pond" - not the Atlantic but Hogg's Pond in York - so we are sure to have our jazz socks blown well and truly OFF!! Best dust-off those long neglected suspenders perhaps to avoid any barefoot walks home? Jazzed-up New Orleans beckons with 
Stuart McDonald : ts, James Lancaster : sousaphone, Chris Williamson, Alex Astbury : trpt, Charles Lancaster : trom, Al Morrison : guitar, John Settle : drums

  01 December 2017 Arun Ghosh

Clarinettist Arun Ghosh’s new album, the Blue Light the Red Light reveals a move from Indojazz towards song-like structures and psychedelic textures; a sonic space where Alice Coltrane meets The Doors or Velvet Underground. Propelled by a hard driving rhythm section, Ghosh's lyricism, melodic outpourings and  improvisation become passionate and emotional 'songs without words'.  Arun Ghosh : clarinet, John Ellis : keys, Gavin Barras : bass, Dave Walsh : drums

15 December 2017 Johnny Hunter Quartet 

Johnny Hunter Quartet connecting authentically with jazz tradition, whilst developing its own voice through original composition. Hard-grooving jazz filtered through the investigation of more unfamiliar dance metres – a fabulous advertisement for British jazz. Johnny Hunter - drums, Mark Hanslip - t.sax, Graham South - trpt & Seth Bennett - db

05 January 2018 - The Retrosettes

The Retrosettes are a high energy 50s / 60s inspired quintet appearing in Paolo Sorrentino’s ‘Youth’ (Caine, Keitel), touring Europe : Simply Red (2016), Lindsey Sterling (2017) and entertaining Indian Princes in and amongst. Debut album '1, 2, Yes, Go!’ Just out. A Bouncing Might beckons with Andrzej Baranek : p/org, Tommy Fuller : b, Rick Weedon : drums/Bvs, Helen Bytheway - p, voc and Paul Bytheway - g/voc

02 February 2018 - Emily Brown Quintet

Line-up to confirm, but Emily picks her bands very well indeed - that and Emily's supreme class makes for a STUNNING evening of jazz, so be early for a good seat

02 March 2018 - Artephis

16 March 2018 - TBC Phil Meadows

06 April 2018 - Ikigai

04 May 2018 - Edwards-Dearden Quintet