Gigs to come ..

06 April 2018 - Treppenwitz

Treppenwitz explore improvisation and sounds within open structures - peaceful and
spacious ; frenzied and angular - the sound of the band spans European avant-garde aesthetics, blues and extended spiritual ostinatos. Original compositions and improvisations interwoven with music from the swing and early bop era. Matthew Aplin - p, Tom Riviere - db, Steve Hanley - d

04 May 2018 - Edwards-Dearden Quintet

Julie Edwards Kevin Dearden Quintet return after a stupendous gig at Bradford Irish Club with their classy eclectic jazz mix drawn from swing and groove standards, Brazilian bossa novas, French chansons  featuring songs by the likes of Nina Simone, Jamie Cullum, Al Wilson, Santana and maybe even the Jackson Five. Julie Edwards - v, Kevin Dearden - b, Ed Kainyek - sax, Ed Barnwell - p, Tim Franks - drums                              

01 June 2018 - BRIAN BICAT Memorial

Details to be confirmed at the time of publishing. Please check-out here for latest details

15 June 2018 - Rob Luft Quintet

It would be quicker to list who award-winning jazz guitarist Rob Luft doesn’t play with - He is THE “go to man”  Ref Corrie Dick’s Sept 2016 gig ?. 2016 RAM Kenny Wheeler Jazz Prize (Edition Records), 2nd Prize 2016 Montreux Jazz Guitar. His debut album, “Riser”, released to widespread critical acclaim. “a very sophisticated debut, but given Luft’s old-soul achievements since his early teens, we should have heard it coming” wrote John Fordham
Rob Luft - g, Joe Wright - sax, Joe Webb - keys, Tom McCredie - b, Corrie Dick - d     

06 July 2018 - Freddie Gavita Quartet

Aimed at the heart, not the head, “Transient” (April 2017) is Freddie’s highly evocative collection of compositions with scintillating grooves, heartfelt ballads and some serious swing written for long time collaborators and quartet members Tom Cawley - p,  Calum Gourlay - db & James Maddren - d, taking you on a musical journey inspired by many travels and tales of Freddie’s life.                    

19 October 2018 Artephis ** Rescheduled due to Weather **

RNCM Alumni Artephis are a forward looking, contemporary ensemble casting late 60’s/ early 70’s Miles Davis influence onto a Christian Scott / Antonio Sanchez / Brian Blade Fellowship Band musical plane yielding an eclectic sound of explosive groove and light-footed nuance. Aaron Wood - tpt/flugel, James Girling - g, Ali Roocroft - p, Alasdair Simpson - b, Matt Brown - d