Gigs to come ..

01 September 2017 Perpetual Motion Machine with jazzNorth

Perpetual Motion Machine play their own original music; a dynamic mixture of bebop,

rock, funk and ambient soundscapes, with an energy and dynamism that will have you on the edge of your seat.  Riley Stone-Lonergan, Ben Lowman : tenor sax, bass clarinet; Sam Dunn, Jamie Taylor : guitars; Garry Jackson : dbl bass; Steve Hanley : drums

15 September 2017 Jamie Brownfield Quartet w/jazzNorth

A fresh and exciting quartet with vast experience in disparate music styles consort to play their own mix of  New Orleans street beat, swing & reggae. Influences include Harry Connick Jr, Leroy Jones, Clark Terry,Oscar Peterson & Christian McBride .
Jamie Brownfield : trpt, Tom Kincaid : piano, Ken Marley : db,  Jack Cotterill : dr

06 October 2017 - TBC Julian Costello Quartet

03 November 2017 TBC Stuart MacDonald

01 December 2017 TBC Arun Ghosh

15 December 2017 Johnny Hunter Quartet w/jazzNorth 

05 January 2018 - The Retrosettes

02 February 2018 - Emily Brown Quintet

02 March 2018 - TBC Artephis